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Mia: White Pearl Slides

Mia: White Pearl Slides

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Product Description:

Introducing Mia: White Pearl Heels -Adorned Slides. These women's open-toe flats will add effortless elegance to any outfit. They are adorned with beautiful pearls across the upper, adding a touch of luxury to every stride. They are created for all-day wear, they provide unparalleled comfort without sacrificing style. These slides are ideal for running errands or attending a social event. Slip into luxury and sophistication with our White Pearl-Adorned Slides, an essential addition to your summer outfit.


Type: Slides
Occasion: Day outs/ Semi-formal
Materials: PU
Color: White



Clean the insides of your footwear with a baby wipe. Use an unscented baby wipe to remove dirt
and grime from the toes and heel of your shoes. To remove everything, use pressure and wipe in a
circular motion.
Clean the outside of your heels with a sudsy cleaner. Wet a clean washcloth with warm water and
apply one drop of mild cleanser. Wipe down the outside of your heels with the cloth, giving specific
attention to any dirt or mud. Finally, remove any dirt from the underside of your heels.
Wipe the outside and bottom with a microfiber cloth. Rub the cloth on the outside of your heels,
paying particular care to the toes.
Allow your footwear to air dry. Place your footwear in a cool, dry location and let them to dry for
about an hour. Keep them out of the sun to prevent fading or damage. Ensure that the insides of
your footwear are thoroughly dry before wearing them again.


The product will be dispatched within 1-2 business days. For hand-painted
products, it may take 5-7 business days to dispatch.

Return Policy

While we are unable to accept exchanges or returns, we kindly ask that you contact us via email at or text within 2 days of the order being delivered if there is any problem, and we will act quickly to fix it.

If a product is shipped broken, we kindly ask that you record an unboxing video of it so we can address any difficulties with your requests.

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Does the paint come off?

No, the paint is sealed with a coating that makes it
waterproof unless the shoe is scrubbed over.

Can one use shoe shampoo on the customized shoe

You cannot use a shoe shampoo/cleaner on the customized shoe,
use damp cloth only.

How long does the paint stay?

The paint will stay for a long time might be 2 years or even
more depending upon the use.